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Check out my suggestion for a new transhumanism movement logo. It is based on the currently used h+ abbreviation and meant to update the currently used logo shown on Wikipedia.

The letter H represents humans, and the + sign the post human era and the augmentation of the human body. The letter and the sign are fused together creating a new whole just like the transhumanism movement promises. The plus sign (cross) demonstrates a positive outlook on the future and healing of the human body. The primary cyan (light blue) color represents the future, technology and freedom.

The H+ logo is free to download and use: symbol in svg format and all variations and colors in pdf format.

If you're interested to learn about H+ watch some interesting videos on the subject.

Update: Readers suggested that the logo can also be read as "I+" as "Me Extended" or "It" as "Information technology". Both meanings apply to transhumanism.

Renat Yakubov on G+: Good one, as for me. It's nice, that this logo looks like I+ and H+ simultaneously, reflecting our personal and global goals.

Allen Hildebrandt on G+: I actually like it.... "I plus, H+" and a combination of the H and Plus....

H+ symbol on hat
H+ flag
H+ symbol on building
H+ symbol in negative
Girl with an H+ tattoo
Guy in a H+ t-shirt
Various color options
Icons in various colors
Negative symbols in various colors

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