Social media giants' features compared

Post has been updated in November, 2013 to reflect corrections suggested in comments and latest developments.

Google+ recently took the second place in the race between social networks from Twitter with over half billion registered users (about half of them are active at least once a month). What could be the reason for such fast growth? And will there be a day in the near future when it overtakes Facebook?

In the chart below I compared the number of supported features in each social network and Google+ came up on top with 58 features versus 34 supported by Facebook and only 23 by Twitter. And all this was achieved in just 3 years. Perhaps being the most feature full social network of all is one of the reasons why Google+ is enjoying such fast adoption rate. Other reasons are the aggressive integration of Google+ into Android and all Google services. Probably the novelty factor plays an important role too.

Group Feature Google+ Facebook Twitter
Profile Customizable Profile
Animated Profiles X X
Mass Friending Groups X X
One Way Following
Text Long Posts X
Rich Formatting in Posts X X
Commenting Comments X
Images in Comments X X
Post Rating
Comment locking X X
Rich Formatting in Comments X X
Notification System
Reply in Notification System X X
Media Embedded Images
Embedded Videos
High quality images in posts X
Upload full size photos X X
Auto Awesome Eraser X X
Auto Awesome Action X X
Auto Awesome Pano X X
Auto Awesome HDR X X
Auto Awesome Motion X X
Auto Awesome Smile X X
Auto Awesome Mix X X
Animated GIFS in Posts X X
Auto Awesome Movies X X
Auto Backup from phones X X
Album Uploading X
Image Filters
Text on Images X X
Large Images/Videos Layout X X
Tall Images Support X X
3D Images Support X X
Tagging People X
Posts features Easy Re-sharing
Reshare Graph X X
Link Snippets
Location Sharing
Mood Icons X
Truly Public Posts X
Post Editing X
Special features Integrated PM
Chat X
Video Chat X
Group Video Chat X X
Video Broadcasting X X
Groups / Communities X
Events X
Games X X
Polls X X
Poking X X
Mobile Support
Tablet Support
Finding content Own Feed Search X
Popular Tags X
Popular Posts X X
Advertising Paid Post Promotion X
Advertising Free X X
Spam Spam Reporting
API API for posting X
Login for 3rd Party Sites
Comments for 3rd Parties X
Rich Widgets for Websites
Total 58 34 23
Number of supported features on Google+, Facebook and Twitter

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