Israel ♥ Iran

Memes are powerful. With the help of social media creatives who can distill an idea into a simple visual form can literally change the world. Watch this video of Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry telling his story of how a simple poster (see below) shared on Facebook ignited a campaign and changed opinions of people to the better about each other after decades of political and religious brainwashing. A simple and honest message can shift public opinion and consequently political decisions in both democratic countries like Israel and in relatively closed societies like Iran.

The Hobbit movie: spectacular

Runes used by Tolkien. Translation: WE HOBBIT • OR • WERE AND BACK AGAIN

I read the Hobbit long time ago. It's a relatively long and slow paced book. I was somewhat worried how this story can be put on the big screen in a way that is comparable to the Lord of Rings movies. I visited the area in new New Zealand where the movies were shot, so I had great anticipation for the movie. I can gladly say it didn't disappoint.