What the heck is happening to Bitcoin?

Several of my friends started asking me again about Bitcoin. This happens whenever the value spikes. Recently it reached USD 1,700+ per 1 BTC.

It was 4 years ago I last wrote about Bitcoin in my blog explaining the basics. Much has happened since. Here, I would like to summarize some of the key points I feel are important to know about when it comes to the developments in the crypto currency world.

Why people misunderstand and under-appreciate modern conceptual art

I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art by John Baldessari, 1971

There are many reasons people are uncomfortable with modern conceptual art:

Conceptual art is meant to be uncomfortable

The very objective of this form of art is to move you out of your comfort zone and give you new, yet unexplored avenues of thought. One must understand this idea, and appreciate the effect conceptual art makes on them. If a piece has a strong effect: it is good. If it has no effect or the effect is "eh": its fails.

Multiverse Theory

Multiverse spaces visualized

The theory of multiverse in short means that besides our own universe there are multiple universes that are similar but different from ours. But how and why do we think this is the case? Short answer is math predicts it like it predicted the theory or relativity and the idea of the expending universe, which were both later confirmed experimentally.

Why the 'Buy <country_name>!' campaigns are irrational

I find the 'Buy American!' (or replace American with any other country) campaigns irrational and counter productive for several reasons.

Buying stuff from local people made sense a hundred of more years ago when helping out the neighbour with some business made him richer and this resulted in higher chances of him making a purchase of your products later on. This may still make some sense in developing regions of the world that are cut off from our global civilization.

Saganian spiritual experience

The title of the video below suggests the interview with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss is about the movie Unbelievers and atheism, but in fact the discussion is mostly about science and what it means to them.

Starting at 24:38 the interviewer asks whether they really meant to suggest that science can be spiritual? In their answers they confirm that they do in a non supernatural way and talk about their personal spiritual experiences in the sense Carl Sagan used the word.